Jim Cornette Calls Current AEW Star ‘Completely Insufferable’

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Jim Cornette Calls Current AEW Star ‘Completely Insufferable’

On his latest Drive Thru podcast, controversial wrestling figure Jim Cornette called current AEW star Brandi Rhodes “completely insufferable”.

Jim Cornette claimed that the majority of people don’t like Cody Rhodes because he is aligned with Brandi on TV. Here’s the full quote, courtesy of Ringside News;

“Brandi I assume would have turned [heel] — anyone who doesn’t like Cody; 75% of it has got to be because he’s aligned with Brandi, and she’s been completely insufferable on the entire run of that program [AEW Dynamite]. So, most of the people who don’t like Cody, I’m sure it’s because of Brandi. They say well, if we get rid of Cody then we don’t have to look at Brandi anymore.

“She got a lot of heat on it for being on his sh*t, if she’s over somewhere else away from it, then she’s okay. When she was in his sh*t she was getting heat on him.”

Brandi Rhodes is being used less on AEW Dynamite at the moment and her feud with Jade Cargill was changed after Rhodes revealed that she is pregnant.

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