Jim Cornette Calls Popular AEW Star An “Utter Waste Of Flesh”

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Jim Cornette Calls Popular AEW Star An “Utter Waste Of Flesh”

in case you aren’t aware, Jim Cornette has a very old school mentality when it comes to wrestling and has never been afraid about speaking his mind.

His rather old school mindset has meant that he has often been critical on his podcast and on social media of the more light-hearted product that AEW puts out.

Weeks after he said that AEW should use the fact Women’s Champion Nyla Rose is transgender to get her heel heat, Cornette has turned his attentions to another of the promotion’s stars.

Over the weekend, Joey Janela had a “social distancing match” at an independent show. This was obviously a light-hearted joke regarding the Coronavirus pandemic that we are all experiencing right now.

You may be utterly shocked to hear that Jim Cornette was not too impressed with the match. Taking to Twitter, Jim said that this was the “worst attempt at playing pro rassler anyone has ever seen”.

However, he did not stop there, with the former NWA commentator going on to say that Janela is an “utter waste of flesh”

If you haven’t managed to see it, you can see part of the rather entertaining social distancing match by clicking here.

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