Jim Cornette Now ‘Loves’ AEW Star Miro

Jim Cornette Now ‘Loves’ AEW Star Miro

Jim Cornette has admitted he now “loves” AEW star Miro, who he hated when he first joined the company after being released by WWE last year.

Cornette, like many people, was critical of the way Miro was being used as Kip Sabian’s tag team partner feuding with the Best Friends over video games, but obviously he expressed that in a way that only Jim Cornette can, which even led to some Twitter beef between the two.

However, with Miro’s latest run as the ‘Redeemer’, Cornette has admitted he likes this new side to Miro, but doesn’t understand why we didn’t get this to begin with.

Speaking on the latest Jim Cornette Experience during his review of last week’s Dynamite, Cornette and Brian Last said:

Cornette: “We followed up with, and I never thought I’d say this – I love Miro. I love Miro. If they’d have given me this Miro at the start I would have never said a bad thing about Miro. Another one of the pre-tapes where he warned God, he threatened God, he questioned God, and now apparently God has buckled and Miro’s in the tournament because he’s gonna fill in for Moxley. Is he writing this stuff himself? If he is, it’s fantastic.”

Last: “I think he is. There’s no way someone’s writing this for him.”

Cornette: “Well but, English is his second language, as is obvious by when he cussed me out on Twitter and said he was gonna ‘come on me like the wrath of God’. So he’s doing better writing than the writers that have graduated major universities in English. Whoever it is is doing a great job, but he’s delivering it well also.

“Now I’m laughing about it (how he was used at first), because now I’m like, this complete imbecile that was used as a joke and a job guy, palling around with goofs and underneath guys, and they’re throwing video games around. And they had this underneath that somewhere. I just… I laugh.

“He’s not winking at us. Everything in wrestling is outrageous or proposterous or whatever, what made it was the fact that whoever was delivering it looked like they meant it. And then you could say – instead of ‘That’s bulls**t’ – ‘He’s crazy’, or whatever. He looks like he means this. I don’t know where Pip (Kip) Sabian is but I hope he never comes back.”

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If you too were wondering where Kip Sabian has been, he suffered a shoulder injury in April, which is when Miro turned on him and wrote him off TV with a backstage attack and really kickstarted the new version of his character.

Miro was slotted in to replace Jon Moxley in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, and beat Orange Cassidy in the semi-final last week, meaning he’ll be facing Bryan Danielson in the tournament final at Full Gear.

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