Jim Cornette More In Touch With Today’s Product Than Bruce Prichard?

3 years ago by Nate Craver

Jim Cornette More In Touch With Today’s Product Than Bruce Prichard?

In the lastest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed the transition from Eric Bischoff to Bruce Prichard.  As noted on our site, Eric Bischoff had a lot of reasons to get fired but some of the major reasons were his unfamiliarity with the wrestlers and his lack of knowledge of the current product.

Will it get better under Bruce Prichard?  Not according to MLW Officials:

“He also had a reputation, most noted during his brief period with MLW, of being dated in his approach to wrestling. It was noted to us by MLW officials how much more in tune with current wrestling and relating to modern talent that Jim Cornette was than Prichard was when both performed similar duties in that company.”

Ouch.  Jim Cornette, who seems to crap on something form the modern approach to wrestling everyday, is more in touch with the product.

For all his issues, Cornette is watching the product.  You can tell he keeps up with what’s going on because him comments, while often inappropriate, are, at least, timely.

How does Dave Meltzer think the future looks for improvement in WWE?

“But in the end, both Raw and Smackdown are unlikely to turn things around with the current system in place. The presentation of the recent draft shows on both Raw and Smackdown came across poorly.”

Meltzer feels Vince McMahon needs someone in place who will push back and fight for things to be better.  Prichard has a reputation as being one of Vince’s Yes Men.

However, it does appear he has Vince’s respect.  He’s been around the company in multiple stints.

Maybe Vince won’t tear up scripts written under Prichard’s watch.  At least, that would lead to consistency each week.  Which, of course, is better than nothing.


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