Jim Ross Calls AEW Dynamite Ending “The Drizzling S***s”

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Jim Ross Calls AEW Dynamite Ending “The Drizzling S***s”

It seems that AEW lead announcer Jim Ross was not a fan of the last segment of the last Dynamite episode of the year on December 18.

The segment saw the Dark Order attacking the Young Bucks and the Rhodes brothers, and will probably most be remembered for a viral clip of a masked “creeper” missing punches to Dustin Rhodes by quite a margin.

Ross gave his thoughts speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, saying:

“Since the 70s, how many matches do you think I’ve called that are the absolute drizzling s***s? Every brand, with some big names, you don’t have to be an unknown under a mask to s*** the bed. I knew that the crowd did not go crazy with how we went off the air. You can feel those things. There are stories being told that’s great market research for all of us to pay attention to. I never knew how bad that piece of business was until it was everywhere. A lot of people wanted to make sure I saw it, as if I could go back in time to fix it. It was poorly executed and hopefully nothing like that will ever occur again. I know everybody that has ability to change things in AEW are well aware of it. If I had not seen that clip, I would not have known just how bad it was. Not an ideal way you want to go off the air, but come on folks.”

It wasn’t all negative though, as the headset legend made it clear that things like this can be improved on. He continued:

“Everything people saw, can be fixed. I’m as excited about this brand as I’ve ever been. I know we’re going to be fine. It’s going to take some time. How much time? I don’t know. A year from now, I think we’ll see a lot of growth, things change, different faces in different roles, new talent coming in. It’s a hard act to keep your incumbents over while getting other talents over. I was embarrassed to see what I saw. Did I like it? Hell no, I didn’t like it. Who could like it? I thought it was the drizzling s***s. The drizzling s***s can be cured.”

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription

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