Jim Ross To Open Cannabis Farm In Oklahoma

Jim Ross To Open Cannabis Farm In Oklahoma

AEW Commentator Jim Ross has announced that he plans to open a cannabis farm on land he has bought in Oklahoma.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross explained that he, his daughter, her husband and a lawyer have been looking into getting his ‘Black Hat’ farm up and running.

Discussing his family’s financial future, Ross said:

“My youngest daughter, her husband and I, and another guy, a lawyer, are getting ready to start a cannabis farm. We’re looking at the working title of Black Hat Farms. I bought some land in Oklahoma recently for the grow houses and all the things. That’s gonna be their life, that’s a big deal. She’s got a great job in marketing. She’s not gonna quit that, I wouldn’t even let her consider that. So, I’m excited about that for my kids.

“I figured out it was probably smarter to leave them things while I was alive and sort through all the heartbreak and the minutiae and the legal stuff, the probate courts and all these things after I was gone. It’s gonna be hard enough after I’m gone simply because I’ve got so much memorabilia. I need a clever, creative way to have somebody that knows what the hell they’re doing come into my home, inventory my memorabilia, then figure out the best way to pair it down.”

Ross recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer, after getting a potential skin issue checked out.

Quote via SEScoops.

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