Jim Ross Gives Update On Recent Surgery For Injured AEW Star

5 months ago by Laura Cude

Jim Ross Gives Update On Recent Surgery For Injured AEW Star AEW

AEW’s Jim Ross has confirmed that an AEW name that has been missing from our screens for some time recently underwent surgery.

Paul Wight (formerly Big Show) joined AEW in February 2021 and worked as an announcer for AEW Dark: Elevation.

His most recent in-ring appearance was on the April 4 edition of AEW Dark: Elevation in a match-up against Austin Green.

Despite Tony Khan’s ‘Captain Insano’ tease ahead of the AEW Grand Slam edition, Paul Wight did not make an appearance.

Jim Ross has now offered some insight into Wight’s absence as he has confirmed that Wight recently underwent hip surgery and he saw him at a recent AEW taping

Speaking on an edition of Grilling JR via Ad Free Shows, the legendary commentator explained:

“Guys like to be around (Wight), you know, he’s had surgery, hip surgery. I saw him just the other day at one of our shows. I think he was on walker or a cane or something like that, but he’s kind of beat up. He says he’s coming back and he’s going to be in great shape and he’s going to have more matches. I hope that he’s all right. I would love to see it. It would help AEW no doubt if he gets over. But he’s got to get healthy.”

Paul Wight previously shared that he had undergone hip replacement surgery in December 2021.

Despite being a part of the AEW roster since 2021, Wight has only wrestled in four matches.

If Jim Ross is anything to go by, Paul Wight is determined to get back into the ring.

Wrestletalk wishes Paul Wight the best in his recovery.

You can keep up to date with all AEW injuries and expected returns with our tracker right here. 

Transcription via Wrestling Inc. 

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