Jim Ross Reveals Why WWE Didn’t Sign Roman Reigns In 2006

Jim Ross Reveals Why WWE Didn’t Sign Roman Reigns In 2006

Roman Reigns has been one of the biggest stars in WWE of the last half-decade. The multiple-time world champion has experienced a great deal of success in a short period of time, including recently with his stellar heel run.

However, he could have signed with WWE in 2006, four years before he ended up signing in 2010. Now, Jim Ross has revealed on his podcast why Reigns didn’t join the company back then. Here is the quote:

“He changed his body immensely, he was a 300-pound nose tackle for Georgia Tech there in the ACC, and before [John] Laurinaitis took over talent reactions, he was certainly on my radar. And we were all aware [of him], Michael Hayes, different guys, because Hayes was close with the Samoans.”

“He has football to get out of his system and I encouraged that, quite frankly. You don’t want somebody to come in and not be sure that they’re at the right place for them. So if he got a chance at football, and he didn’t make it for whatever reason, then he gets it out of his system and then here we go.”

Reigns would, of course, make his way to WWE in 2010 and would be on the main roster in 2012 as a member of The Shield. Since then, he has become a five-time world champion.

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