Jim Ross Talks Busting Open Former Lead WWE Writer

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Jim Ross Talks Busting Open Former Lead WWE Writer

On one of his more recent episodes of the Grillin’ JR podcast, legendary commentator Jim Ross has opened up about accidentally busting open a former lead WWE writer who once decided to make fun of him.

The WWE Hall of Famer spoke about how after an episode of WWE TV went off the air, Chris DeJoseph was sent out to make fun of Jim Ross in Oklahoma. Ross notes that he blasted DeJoseph over the head with a microphone, with left him bleeding:

“And Chris DeJoseph’s a good guy. I potato’d the sh*t out of him one time in Oklahoma City. I really didn’t mean to, kinda sorta. Vince [McMahon] sent him out there, of course he thought it’d be good to humiliate J.R. again in his hometown. So he comes out there and gets in my face in a thong. This is off the air folks by the way. So I had the microphone… there was a handheld microphone on the desk where somebody had done a promo, probably the last segment, left it there, whatever.”

“So I clocked him on the head with the microphone, and it busted him open. Well, the corner of the mic cube hit him. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just gonna tap him a bit. ‘Get out here’ type-deal and the mic cube was turned and it punctured his head and he started bleeding. Vince says, ‘God damn JR, you gotta take everything so seriously.’ I said, ‘Yeah Vince, I intended to bust his ass open.’ Come on. It’s stupid sh*t like that but yeah, Big Dick Johnson [Chris DeJoseph] was a good sport and a smart kid, good writer. He wrote a lot of good stuff for Lucha Underground and so Chris was a good kid. I never had — he was just doing what he was told to do and he was a company guy enough to do it.”

Chris DeJoseph (also known as Big Dick Johnson) has been in the news somewhat over the last few months after being fired from his role as one of WWE’s lead writers. He was only brought back to the company at the end of 2019.

Thanks to Post Wrestling for the transcription.

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