Jim Ross Discusses Tony Khan’s ‘Different Theory’ On Babyfaces Losing By Submission

Jim Ross Discusses Tony Khan’s ‘Different Theory’ On Babyfaces Losing By Submission

AEW Dynamite lead announcer Jim Ross has discussed Tony Khan’s “different theory” about babyfaces losing by submission.

Traditionally, having a babyface lose by submission was viewed as a no-no in wrestling, with the belief that fans wouldn’t get behind someone who had given up.

It seems that Khan doesn’t necessarily share that viewpoint to the same degree, and, unlike some other modern wrestling tropes, Jim Ross is actually on Khan’s side about it.

Speaking on the latest Grilling JR podcast, Ross said:

“I’m glad that Tony Khan has a little different personality and theory on that. That is, it doesn’t hurt to have winners and losers. We saw Miro submit our boy Darby Allin. I did an interview the other day with UFC Fight Pass and I said one of the things MMA has helped influence pro wrestling in one way is that the babyfaces in pro-wrestling can lose by submission and it’s not considered an unportable sin. Back in the old days, you got to get somebody to slip on the banana peel, somebody hold the ropes, hold the tights, something along those lines to make it work.

“Anybody should be able to lose to anybody’s finish. When you get wrestlers too deeply involved in creative and they’re essentially making the final decision, they’re going to take that easy way out because they perceive it’s going to help their push, image, personas. I disagree with that wholeheartedly, especially in today’s world. Fans want to see conclusions, they want to see definitive winners. If you’re smart enough booking-wise, you’ve got a plan, you’ve got a road map, you know your destination and along that route, along that journey, sometimes you’ve got to do the honors (lose). It’s not like doing the honors, oh my god, you just killed this guy, you beat him! That’s horses**t, that’s stupid. There’s gotta be some momentum involved in the equation.”

Speaking of Miro, he’ll be putting the TNT Title on the line tonight against Dante Martin, and Lance Archer will challenge for the title at Double Or Nothing this Sunday.

Double Or Nothing is available on pay-per-view in the US and FITE internationally.

Quote via Wrestling Inc

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