Jim Ross Addresses Rumours Triple H & Shawn Michaels Disliked WWE Hall Of Famer

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Jim Ross Addresses Rumours Triple H & Shawn Michaels Disliked WWE Hall Of Famer WWE

Rob Van Dam was one of ECW’s most popular stars during the promotion’s lifespan, before he later arrived in WWE, going on to become WWE Champion.

When RVD won the title in 2006, it came a few years after he had challenged and failed to take the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H on Raw.

There had been a lot of rumours about why Triple H defeated RVD, with some believing there was heat on RVD from Triple H and Shawn Michaels due to his backstage attitude.

Jim Ross spoke about the rumours on his Grilling JR podcast, where he said:

“Yeah, he had a different personality. He wasn’t the most extroverted guy.

“Something could have occurred in a conversation between those three guys that I’m not privy to, but both those guys are smart enough to know that on a good day, a right day, a match with RVD was money, and guys are gonna be more motivated by money, or the potential thereof of more money, so I don’t think that Shawn or Hunter [Triple H] would pass up the opportunity to work with a top guy who does unique things.”

RVD himself recently spoke about rumours that Triple H ‘buried’ him during their feud, claiming that he also doesn’t believe that to be the case.

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