Jinder Mahal Was Planned For CONSTABLE?!

Jinder Mahal Was Planned For CONSTABLE?!

Jinder Mahal returned to the WWE during the 2016 brand split of Raw and SmackDown. He defeated former 3MB stablemate, Heath Slater, to earn a Raw contract. Following this, Mahal did nothing of note, until being drafted to SmackDown in the 2017 Superstar Shake-up.

He was immediately thrust into the WWE Championship scene, defeating Randy Orton for the title at Backlash 2017.

Most importantly was Mahal’s gimmick upon returning. He was more-or-less an Indian guru that promoted peace, but proved hypocritical when acting violently during the match.

When Mahal was drafted to SmackDown Live, he became the ‘Modern Day Maharaja,’ with the Singh Brothers aiding him during matches.

Reportedly, this was not the original plan for him. Ryan Satin, of Pro Wrestling Sheet, revealed that Jinder Mahal was supposed to be a “self-appointed authority figure.” His nickname was originally going to be the “Mahal Monitor.”

If this sounds familiar, it should be.

Baron Corbin’s current gimmick is the ‘Constable for Monday Night Raw,’ an authority figure role given by Stephanie McMahon. This suggests that the ‘Constable’ gimmick was slated to be for the ‘Modern Day Maharaja.’

Good thing we didn’t have to sit through that.




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