Joe Hendry Addresses Reaction To WWE NXT Debut

Joe Hendry Addresses Reaction To WWE NXT Debut WWE

After his WWE NXT debut went viral, amassing over 8 million views on X as of writing, Joe Hendry has revealed more about the experience.

While noting that the appearance came together quickly enough that he didn’t have too much time to overthink the moment, Hendry shared his story.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, he said:

“I think one of the advantages of it happening so quickly is I didn’t have the time to overthink that aspect of it. But to be honest, this has absolutely exceeded all expectations.

“Like, in all ways — for the camera to shake [when the crowd reacted]. I kind of had a feeling –I started to twig that like, ‘Ok, this could be a bit of a moment here’ when there were people who work at the PC, other actual wrestlers and stars at the PC, a lot of them were talking about my song. And that started to get me to think.

“You know, a couple of the producers were saying they were expecting a big reaction. And I kind of just started to get this rumbling that like, ‘Oh, more people know this song and my act and are familiar with me than perhaps I realized.’”

Hendry would go on to explain that even he was having a difficult time fully processing the reaction to his WWE NXT debut but noted that it was ‘total validation’.

He went on to add:

“I still didn’t think it would get that over. But, hey, it’s very hard to process. Because it’s so new, I haven’t had time to process, everything has been happening so fast. But — it doesn’t feel real, it’s awesome. I feel like — it’s total validation.

“Like I said, I did music for 10 years with no success and then recently I just had a song on the charts and I was like, ‘Damn, that was validation.’ And then to go out there and just have this feeling that I had something to offer the business and to go out and get that reaction.

“I managed to have like a 40-minute nap and I just woke to JBL saying that my stuff was the best stuff he’s seen in years. And I’m just like, ‘Woah.’ He was the champ when I was getting into wrestling, you know?

“It’s surreal, and it’s awesome, and it’s wonderful, and I hope everyone gets to experience their dream like this.”

Joe Hendry’s appearance was brief in the battle royal, as it appeared that the rest of the field simply wanted no part in him and worked together to throw him out, with fellow TNA star Frankie Kazarian ultimately the one getting the credit.

WWE did post some backstage footage of Hendry and Shawn Michaels after the match, and some fans have predicted the appearance will not be the last WWE sees of Joe Hendry, as he reiterated he could show up on “any show”.

Transcription via Wrestling Observer

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