John Cena Learns Martial Arts From Jackie Chan!

John Cena Learns Martial Arts From Jackie Chan!


John Cena has often been criticized for being repetitive in his WWE matches. So much so that the sequence of moves he generally uses to end matches has been dubbed the “five moves of doom.”

Now it looks like the ‘Leader of the Cenation’ is finally ready to reveal his sixth move of doom after training at Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team International Training CentreCena is currently working with Chan on action movie Project X, and has been training in martial arts at the latter’s stunt school.

Cena first teased the move in a tweet on August 3, but went into far more detail in a video uploaded to the official WWE Youtube page. In the video Cena was asked about the “five moves of doom,” and a rumor about a sixth.

“Okay, so, for years everyone has said that I sometimes become repetitive with my style. I say that if something’s [not] broke, don’t try to fix it.

“I’ve been known for five moves in succession that bring me victory. Those who know what those five moves are know, those who don’t… means I still have a fair advantage on some people.”

For anyone who doesn’t know which five moves Cena is talking about, here they are, just in case you ever end up in the ring with him: a flying shoulder tackle, a hip toss, a side-release spinout powerbomb, the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and the Attitude Adjustment.

Now you’re prepared for Cena’s five moves of doom, but is anyone prepared for his sixth? In the video, Cena states that he’s been working with students and teachers at Jackie Chan’s stunt school and has developed a new move that takes inspiration from Chinese martial arts, although he admits it’s been “Americanized.”

The 16-time world champion went on to talk about the diminishing impact of the Attitude Adjustment.

“I’ve reworked the Attitude Adjustment just about every way I can. I’ve done it off of the second rope, I’ve done two in succession, I’ve done it left-handed, right-handed… and it used to be about 100% with its batting average and now it’s about 50% – maybe less.”

Cena said the move was his way of paying homage to Chinese culture and described the move as “extremely powerful.” When asked when he’d debut the move, he said:

“Well, if I tell you when, I give an advantage to the opposition. Here’s a small hint: there’s talk of a September 1 event in Shanghai and I couldn’t think of a better way to show my appreciation for China, Chinese people, and Chinese culture than to debut a finishing move that I think will provide me with much a victory in Shanghai on September 1.”

September 1 is, of course, also the date of the ALL IN pay-per-view at the Sears Center in Chicago. No doubt WWE will be hoping that John Cena’s sixth move of doom will help draw eyes away from the much-hyped Young Bucks and Cody’s event.

The Shanghai live event is Cena’s first confirmed WWE appearance since April’s Greatest Royal Rumble, after his rumored rematch against the Undertaker at SummerSlam has failed to materialize.


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