John Cena, Multi-Talented Mega Celebrity, Announces Children’s Book

John Cena, Multi-Talented Mega Celebrity, Announces Children’s Book

John Cena isn’t just a 16-time world heavyweight champion and leader of the Cenation; he’s also a successful movie star, a platinum recording artist and, of course, the holder of a doctorate degree in Thuganomics from the University of Cultural Appropriation.

And now Cena is adding another profession to his already stacked LinkedIn page: an author of children’s books:

The book is promoted as being authored by “multi-talented mega celebrity John Cena” and is about “a little monster truck [called Elbow Grease] with a big problem! He’s smaller than his four brothers, but wants to prove that he has the guts and the grit to do big things.”

Wrestling personalities have a remarkable track record when it comes to publishing. Mick Foley’s series of autobiographies are best sellers, Austin Aries wrote a guide to being vegan, and AJ Lee’s recent book Crazy is My Superpower is being adapted into a TV show.

But for me, the greatest wrestling book of all time is WWE Novel Big Apple Take Down from 2006, where the superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment double as a covert black ops group for the government.

Big Apple Take Down

Here’s just one passage, from the opening of Chapter 4:

“The WWE Superstars were scattered about the room, sitting on various pieces of exercise equipment. Apparently, the desk jockey up front had been away from his post for some time, if they had all got in without him noticing.

Hunter was suprised to see the other Superstars. He had spent so much time wondering who else Vince and the NSA had tagged as operatives that it was especially shocking to learn the truth. He had pretty much assumed Cena was working for the NSA. That guy had his finger in everything lately.”


6 years ago by Oli Davis


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