John Cena On How ‘Peacemaker’ Stunts Compare To WWE

John Cena On How ‘Peacemaker’ Stunts Compare To WWE Twitter

WWE icon John Cena has very quickly found himself making waves in Hollywood, as his ‘Peacemaker’ series was recently renewed for a second season on HBO Max.

Cena recently spoke to PEOPLE about the show, where he was asked about how training for stunts on the show compares to his time in WWE, and if it’s similar.

He responded:

“No, it’s completely different. Movie coordinator stunt performers are massive amounts of repetition not only through practice, but through performance as well. Whereas you can practice your craft in WWE, but once you’re out there live, it happens once and there really is no wrong. It just is. There’s also no enormous, energetic, unbelievable crowd cheering you on as you do all this stuff and it has to be done from many angles and many perspectives. It’s nuts. I remember when I started to do movies in 2004, ’05, and really got frustrated with the process because as a young man, I really wanted to be in that ring as there really isn’t much of anything that compares to the sensation of being in that ring performing in front of a live audience, for me. it’s not the same. I’ve found a much greater appreciation for it now. Maybe that’s because I’m working with great people and I’m a part of fantastic stories. I’m finding my stride as a performer but it’s very different and if given the choice, I think 10 times out of 10 I would rather be in a ring performing action than on the screen performing action.”

Cena also discussed the possibility of working with The Rock on season 2 of the show, with the Rock portraying his ‘Black Adam’ character.

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