John Cena Reveals He Requested More Dates For WWE Schedule

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

John Cena Reveals He Requested More Dates For WWE Schedule

John Cena has revealed that he asked to work more dates while planning his schedule ahead of his WWE return.

Following Cena’s return at Money in the Bank in July, WWE released the “Summer of Cena” schedule, promoting all of Cena’s appearances ahead of SummerSlam.

Speaking on ID10T with Chris Hardwick, Cena noted that he told WWE he wanted to work more dates than the ones they originally offered him. Wanting to give this WWE run his all, Cena said:

“When WWE wanted me to come back, they asked me to come back for only a few dates. I was like ‘no, I want to do all these dates.’ To one, get back in front of an audience, two to help the brand get audiences back in the building. And then when you offer all these dates, someone may say ‘well what about this? What about that, now that you’re in? I know that you may have some time.’

“‘No, these are my expectations. This is the best I can do with the best I can give you.’ And even then on the days of the events, ‘well we’re going to need you to do x, y and z.’ I understand that’s what you need, but realistically this is what I can give, and still feel that I can function in a capacity that could be entertaining. And WWE’s merely one example.”

A number of wrestlers have stated that Cena’s presence is having a positive effect on the locker room. Rey Mysterio revealed that Cena was helping to coach Dominik Mysterio during his first few WWE house shows.

The 16-time World Champion has also revealed that he loves to watch the current product to learn from younger WWE talent.

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