John Cena Reveals Reason He Wears Jorts In WWE

John Cena Reveals Reason He Wears Jorts In WWE WWE

WWE star John Cena has recently announced his retirement from in-ring competition – as well as his ‘jorts’ (jean shorts) – in 2025.

Revealing details as to how he settled on the jorts as his in-ring attire, Cena made a few excellent points regarding functionality.

John Cena told the Wall Street Journal:

“The reason I wear jorts is because I’ve tried everything. Denim is really durable—it doesn’t rip a lot as long as you can find a good fit.

“I don’t need any families attending a WWE event looking at my ugly bit. All you need to do is find something that fits around the butt and the thigh, because I always wear a drawstring belt.

“A belt buckle, you can really get messed up on. I’ve learned this through failure. It can stab you, it can scratch you, it can scrape you and it can also cause damage to opponents and referees. This is not a good piece of equipment.”

Cena made the announcement at WWE Money in the Bank that he will be returning for a retirement tour throughout 2025.

At the post-show press conference, he provided more details as to how many dates he is expecting to work and why he is retiring now.

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But of note, he revealed at the press conference that the jorts would also be retired in 2025.

While Cena plans on still being a part of the ‘extended WWE family’, he specifically stated that future appearances would not be in jorts, rather in a suit.

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