John Cena Vs. The Fiend To Be Different From Anything We’ve Seen Before In WWE

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

John Cena Vs. The Fiend To Be Different From Anything We’ve Seen Before In WWE

WrestleTalk ran an exclusive report last week, stating that Bray Wyatt had pitched for both versions of his character to appear in his WrestleMania match with John Cena.

This was seemingly confirmed on last week’s episode of SmackDown where Bray Wyatt challenged his fellow former WWE Champion to the first-ever Firefly Fun House match at the ‘show of shows’.

WrestleTalk’s report was also confirmed this week on SmackDown when both The Fiend and Bray Wyatt appeared in the same segment on the show to confront Cena. This was achievable due to the fact that the show was pre-taped last week.

The match is certainly one fans are looking forward to at the “showcase of the immortals”, and if Triple H’s recent comments are anything to go by, we should be in for a very unique experience.

Speaking to TV Guide, Hunter stated that the Firefly Fun House match between John Cena and The Fiend will be like nothing we have seen in WWE before:

“Bray Wyatt and John Cena will have a Firefly Fun House match, which will be different from anything we’ve ever done in the WWE. The Undertaker and A.J. Styles will have a Bone Yard match, and they will be doing that from an off-site location. So the opportunity to do things differently, shoot them differently, present them differently. Hopefully, we’ll open up this WrestleMania in ways that people have never seen before and give them an opportunity to be entertained in ways they never have before.’

fear not, just because WrestleMania is not live doesn’t mean that WrestleTalk will not provide live coverage for both nights of the big show, so make sure you stay tuned to for that.


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