John Morrison Hilariously Dresses Up As Dave Meltzer For Halloween

John Morrison Hilariously Dresses Up As Dave Meltzer For Halloween

Halloween befell us all last night, and many of our favourite wrestling stars took to social media to show off their costumes.

However, one wrestling star stole Halloween with his fancy dress costume, that being current WWE Raw star John Morrison, who went dressed not as a ghost, zombie, vampire or any other spooky ghoul. Instead as famed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

Morrison took to his Instagram account to share photos of he and his wife (NXT star Franky Monet) in their costumes, complete with Meltzer cosplay and a Meltzer style ‘review’ of their night.

He wrote:

At the costume events this past weekend a bloodbath ensued between @frankymonetwwe , myself and the other less crafted costumes.

There were several tense moments throughout the night. Moist screams of awe were audible upon the arrival of Superman Dark who had zero miedo of the other dangerously well costumed competitors. Online polls started to shift in his favor until I noticed a slightly off centered emblem in the center of his chest plate knocking him 2 full stars down from his original rating.
Planet Slamton is similar to Krypton in it’s value of aesthetic symmetry. #Slamtanium however has been rated a full 1/2 star higher than kryptonite.

A very big Tony Little grabbed a great deal of attention for a short time until an extremely tall Freddy Krueger descended upon the event. However those in attendance soon realized that not even Freddy‘s most painful nightmare would be as painful to watch as some other recent nightmares we’ve witnessed

The energy of the night was created and sustained by 2 stand out costumes in particular: an absolute barnstormer of a costume worn by Franky Monet & a master class costume that raised the bar: worn by the keeper of the jar of stars; myself.

The teamwork and fluidity of Monet and myself was nothing short of breathtaking, leaving me no choice but to rate our costumes 5 1/2 stars.

Making this the first event in the Orlando in which the winners Franky Monet and myself garnered 5 1/2 stars.


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We give Morrison’s costume a solid 4 stars. Would have been 5 if his Halloween party was in Tokyo, of course.

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