Jon Moxley Announces Sponsorship With Non-Alcoholic Beer Company

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Jon Moxley Announces Sponsorship With Non-Alcoholic Beer Company AEW

Last year, AEW Champion Jon Moxley checked himself into rehab for treatment for alcoholism, but would return in January 2022 in unbelievably good physical shape.

All reports suggest the rehab went brilliantly for Moxley, and he’s now managed to secure a sponsorship deal with one of the world’s biggest non-alcoholic beer breweries.

Moxley has been trying to get the partnership with Athletic Brewing going for some time, and now the company has confirmed the deal. You can see the announcement video below.

In the video, Moxley says:

“This is Jon Moxley, AEW World Champion, and the champ only drinks one kind of nonalcoholic brew, and that is from Athletic Brewing,” Moxley said. “You can get up in the morning, you can have an Athletic and mow your grass. You can get up and run 10 miles through the mountains, or you can step into the ring and whoop somebody’s ass! You’re fit for all times.”

Jon Moxley will likely be set for a big AEW World Championship unification match at AEW All Out on September 4.

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