Jon Moxley Vs Kenny Omega Star Rating Revealed

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Jon Moxley Vs Kenny Omega Star Rating Revealed

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has revealed his star rating for this past Wednesday’s Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega AEW World Title match.

In this week’s Observer Newsletter, Meltzer awarded the bout 4.5 stars.

The match went 28:27 and finished with Don Callis helping Omega cheat to win the title, before both men fled and declared they’d be appearing on this coming Tuesday’s IMPACT Wrestling to explain their actions.

Omega’s win put an end to Moxley’s 277-day reign, which is the longest of anyone with any title in the history of the promotion.

Omega also becomes the first member of the roster to win two different titles. Cody Rhodes has of course had two title reigns, but they were both with the TNT Championship.

Before anyone starts moaning, yes, we know Dave Meltzer’s ratings are just the opinions of one human being, but they also happen to be the opinions of one of the most respected historians and journalists in wrestling history. So, it’s just fun to keep track of what he thinks of stuff, that’s all.

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