Jon Moxley Explains Why ‘WWE Promos F**king Suck’

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Jon Moxley Explains Why ‘WWE Promos F**king Suck’

AEW star Jon Moxley has shared his honest opinions on WWE promos, explaining why he thinks they “f***ing suck”.

Jon Moxley has been extremely open when talking about WWE since his 2019 departure. According to the former WWE Champion, WWE promos are often unnecessary.

Speaking on Oral Sessions, Moxley explained that promos just need to get the conflict across to the audience. Noting that we don’t need “all that extra s**t”, Moxley said:

“As far as what to put in and what not, it’s kinda like a wrestling match or like a promo. That’s why WWE promos f**king suck because they jam 5,000 f**king words in there that aren’t necessary. Say what you want to say, mean what you want to say, get your point across. ‘I’m gonna beat your a** on Saturday night because I don’t like you’. Boom, done.

“And sometimes in a match, it’s like okay, we planned out all these f**king spots but really, what is the story? What are we trying to get (across)? You’re the good guy, I’m the bad guy, you’re big, you’re small, you’re tall, you’re short – whatever the contrast of styles or the story we’re telling. Why do we have all (this)? Sometimes, you just look at it and go ‘We don’t need all that extra s**t’.”

Since leaving WWE, Moxley has wrestled for a number of promotions, from AEW to NJPW. His Double or Nothing tag partner, Eddie Kingston, has stated that most of his promo and in-ring work is improvised.

Earlier this week, Renee Paquette announced that she had given birth to her and Moxley’s daughter.

Quote via Inside The Ropes.

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