JONAH Recalls Backstage Reactions To WWE Mass Releases

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

JONAH Recalls Backstage Reactions To WWE Mass Releases

JONAH (fka Bronson Reed) has recalled the backstage morale during WWE’s mass releases earlier this year.

WWE has let over 80 wrestlers go in 2021. Speaking on Instinct Culture with Denise Salcedo, the former NXT North American Champion noted that people in the company were walking on eggshells and on edge after every new round of cuts.

JONAH stated that he didn’t expect to be released, and that his departure made those close to him within the company worry about themselves.

Still not 100% sure about why there were so many rounds of cuts, JONAH said:

“It’s definitely not good for morale, I’ve spoken to people who are still there, it just puts people on edge, people walking around on eggshells and stuff like that. For example, when the first few rounds of cuts happened; which are never good when someone gets released. I was one of those people that never worried about it. I never thought I was going to be released. From speaking to some of the higher ups in WWE they always said things like ‘You’re gonna have a job for a long time’ and not to worry.
“Then when I was released, people that are close to me in NXT and WWE are now worried for themselves… I think a lot of people put their faith into the talent that ‘of course you’re not gonna be released, you’re too talented.’ But I don’t think it’s about that. I don’t know a hundred percent why they were doing the releases, they always cite things like budget cuts but it’s definitely not budget cuts {laughs} I am not a hundred percent sure why but it can happen to anyone.”

JONAH was let go by the company in August. Following reports that he was going to be heavily featured in WWE 2K22, JONAH recently confirmed that he had been scanned for the game.

The former NXT star has debuted for NJPW and IMPACT in the last month, and has been announced for the 2022 PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament.

H/T to Denise Salcedo for the quote. 

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