JONAH Gives Thoughts On NXT 2.0, Calls It ‘Disheartening’

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

JONAH Gives Thoughts On NXT 2.0, Calls It ‘Disheartening’

The Black and Gold era of NXT is history, cemented by Team 2.0’s victory over Team Black and Gold inside War Games at last Sunday’s (December 5) NXT War Games show.

WWE began the process of changing NXT into the NXT 2.0 we now see back in August, when numerous NXT stars were released from the company in the bid to take the brand in this new direction.

Perhaps the most shocking release at the time was former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed, who had been working dark matches prior to Raw and SmackDown in the weeks prior, serving as tryout matches for a potential main roster call-up.

Reed (now known once again as Jonah Rock, or simply JONAH) recently spoke to Fightful, where he was asked his thoughts on the current direction of NXT. JONAH admitted that he watches bits and pieces of the show to support his friends, but he’s not particularly a fan of it.

He said:

“I’ve watched bits and pieces. I try to support my friends like Duke Hudson, Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta, Grayson (Waller), like all the Australians, I always support those guys. And I still have other friends obviously that I made there that I always watch. But I don’t particularly enjoy it.”

JONAH continued on, explaining why he doesn’t enjoy NXT 2.0, as it feels like ‘just another entertainment show’. He added:

“I mean I understand what they’re trying to do, and the direction they’re going in. I think the thing I like least about it is, Hunter had such a vision for what NXT was. And that whole vision is just gone now, especially after (WWE NXT WarGames), with what seems to be, I don’t know, I’m not there at the moment, but it seems to be the end of black and gold, like that’s it. It’s just disheartening because we were so, the guys that were there for that era, were so much trying to make it that third brand and make it something different. But not just that, when I was there wrestling, I’m a huge pro wrestling fan, and I love WWE, I love what they do, but I saw RAW and SmackDown as their entertainment shows and saw NXT as the pro wrestling show, and now I feel like it’s just another entertainment show.”

JONAH has been making Tsunami-sized waves since his release from NXT, showing up in New Japan Pro Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling, and just today being announced as the first participant in PWG’s Battle Of Los Angeles 2022.

transcription via WrestleZone

You can watch the full interview below:

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