Jordynne Grace Hopes Dakota Kai Joins IMPACT Wrestling

9 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Jordynne Grace Hopes Dakota Kai Joins IMPACT Wrestling WWE

Current IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace is one of the most notable women’s wrestling stars in North America, and at the head of one of the best divisions in the country.

IMPACT’s Knockouts division is highly regarded, and it is only getting better with the addition of former NXT UK star Killer Kelly.

However, you can never have too much top talent, which Grace seems to agree with. Grace was a recent guest on the Angle Podcast, where she was asked about which free agents she’d like to see join the Knockouts Division.

Grace noted that it’s hard to choose, since AEW has signed a lot of the free agent women’s stars, but there is still one name available that Grace hopes to see join IMPACT.

She said:

This is such a hard question because AEW signed a lot of people, haha. Someone that would be awesome to wrestle is Dakota Kai. I don’t think she got her full due at WWE and I think that IMPACT would be a really great place for her to go. She has a very unique look and wrestling style. She personifies the Knockout’s Division.

Grace found herself trending recently on Twitter due to a controversial take she had about Chris Benoit.

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