Josh Barnett Calls NXT Underground ‘Fake Bloodsport’

Josh Barnett Calls NXT Underground ‘Fake Bloodsport’ WWE

After the Raw Underground experiment had a short-lived shelf life in WWE in late 2020, not many expected the idea to ever resurface.

However, on this week’s NXT (July 4) the company concept returned, only this time under the NXT banner as Damon Kemp took on Eddy Thorpe.

Thorpe got the win over Kemp via TKO, although it seems as if one notable individual from within the MMA world was far from impressed.

Josh Barnett, who has competed in both MMA and pro wrestling, called out NXT Underground for its similarities to his own MMA/pro wrestling fusion known as Bloodsport.

Barnett has held eight separate Bloodsport events through GCW thus far, with many top wrestlers including Jon Moxley, Minoru Suzuki and John Morrison competing at these no-ropes events.

Given Bloodsport was established long before WWE’s version, Barnett is unsurprisingly not a fan of what he dubbed “fake Bloodsport” in a recent tweet.

Barnett said:

Oh look, fake Bloodsport is back.

Thank you for showing the world that this kind of thing has legs (we knew that already) and that even with 10x the money and production there is still only one Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport. #NXTUnderground #Bloodsport #NXT

Similar to Bloodsport matches, NXT and Raw Underground bouts took place rings without ropes or turnbuckles with wins only obtainable through submission or knockout.

Barnett was not much of a fan of the original Raw Underground when it launched, pointing out many elements WWE could change to make it succeed.

A challenge was issued by a main roster star for a championship match at NXT Great American Bash on July 30 – click this link for details.

For news on a potential main roster call up for a popular NXT tandem, click here.

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3 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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