Josiah Williams Recalls Creating Cameron Grimes Entrance Music

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Josiah Williams Recalls Creating Cameron Grimes Entrance Music

Former NXT talent Josiah Williams has discussed his time with the company, recalling putting together a new theme for Cameron Grimes.

NXT Breakout Tournament finalist Cameron Grimes has experienced quite the character change since the beginning of the year. In February, Grimes first referred to himself as the “Richest Man in NXT” after apparently investing in GameStop stocks.

Josiah Williams has recalled being heavily involved in the creation of a version of Grimes’ entrance music. Speaking on Pro Wrestling 4 Lyfe, Williams revealed that in under 2 days, he had recorded, mixed and mastered the theme.

Noting that his music was only ultimately used once, Williams said:

“I was at home, on a Friday, and Road Dogg texted me, ‘We have this idea to do something with Cameron Grimes, like a music video. Could you write something to it?’ I woke up that day in a creative mood. I got him the lyrics back in an hour and a half. Both verses. He sent it to Hunter, he liked it. Vengeance Day, I get there and WWE music created this beat for it and it was amazing, but they used the voice recording.

“I’m like, ‘No, wait, if you’re going to debut this on a pay-per-view event, tonight, I need to go and re-record this. I left, re-recorded it — this is at the same time they’re trying to figure out how they were going to use the song I did for Twitter as the cold open — I’m trying to get two different songs recorded, mixed, mastered, and sent back to get approved for that night. They had already done a quick music video, credit to Jeremy Borash and Jimmy Long.

“Within a matter of 48 hours, that’s how the song came to be. March 3 for NXT, I saw they had changed the tron and the graphics for Cameron Grimes and they ended up using it as a theme song once. It turned into a thing. A random Road Dogg and Triple H idea turned into me doing my first WWE theme.”

At NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Cameron Grimes was defeated by LA Knight in a ladder match for the Million Dollar Championship. Wade Barrett has since said that he believes Knight has the potential to headline WrestleMania one day.

Williams was let go WWE in May. Following his WWE release, Williams created a video resume, which quickly went viral.

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