The Judgment Day Offer Top WWE Star A Spot In The Group

The Judgment Day Offer Top WWE Star A Spot In The Group WWE

Ever since Dominik Mysterio betrayed his father and Edge back at Clash at the Castle, aligning with the Judgment Day, the group has been extending the olive branch to other members of the group.

The first person that was offered a spot was Matt Riddle, who declined, before he was left laying by the group.

On tonight’s Raw show, AJ Styles took on Sami Zayn in a match stemming from their social media activity, which Zayn one thanks to a distraction from Solo Sikoa.

With AJ down in the ring, Finn Balor and the Judgment Day came to the ring to offer AJ a spot in the group. Balor offered a Too Sweet gesture to AJ, who teased Too Sweeting Finn back, before flipping him off.

This led to Balor, Priest and Dominik laying AJ out. Balor then put a steel chair around Styles’ neck, threatening to stamp on it, before he stopped, telling AJ that he could have ended his career, but didn’t because he’s his friend.

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