Bullet Club Member Shares Honest Thoughts On NWO Comparisons

5 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Bullet Club Member Shares Honest Thoughts On NWO Comparisons NJPW

Bullet Club member and NJPW star Juice Robinson has opened up about comparisons between the Japanese stable and the nWo.

Robinson is best known for his time with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but has recently made appearances for AEW and IMPACT Wrestling.

The former IWGP US Champion joined the Bullet Club faction in May, after attacking Hiroshi Tanahashi at the Wrestling Dontaku event.

In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, Robinson spoke about the iconic stable’s success, noting:

“I would say merchandise sales (led to Bullet Club’s success), I would say t-shirt sales, in Japan especially. Also, I would say it’s a team, you have a lot of teams in Japan, a lot of factions.

“So there’s a big spot open for a Gaijin team, and Bullet Club sells a lot of t-shirts, and it has since, when did it start? 2013, right? You know, it’s just a team, it’s a brand so the players change, but the vibe kind of stays, got different guys [to] bring different fields, guys come and go, they come again, they go again.

“It’s, I think it’s kind of cool, I hear a lot of people compare it to the nWo, I don’t really think that. It’s already been around a lot longer than that and when you’re part of it, it’s like, it doesn’t…it’s not really like that. It’s more of just a brand that sells merchandise, we use it to form a team to beat up s****y babyfaces and unite over that. And it’s fun.”

Robinson recently defeated Jake Something at the NJPW Strong Showdown television tapings on October 16.

Transcription courtesy of PWMania.

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