Juice Robinson Shoots Back at WWE Rumors!

Juice Robinson Shoots Back at WWE Rumors!

Current IWGP United States Champion and, according to Kevin Owens, the “best promo in wrestling” Juice Robinson isn’t having the greatest G1 Climax so far, currently sitting with ‘0’ points.

However, the former CJ Parker seems to be very content in NJPW, recently shooting back at rumors stating WWE wanted to re-sign him after he left the company in 2015:

Fast-forward three years, WWE / NXT, all that s***, everything that you guys constantly ask me about, I know because that’s what we talk about, that’s what we talk about, we talk about WWE, but that’s in the rear view mirror now and guess what? I ain’t going back. I ain’t ever going back. It’s okay because guys like Cody Rhodes, guys like Kenny Omega, more guys like that, Will Ospreay. Big stars, big independent stars! Independent? You can take that and shove it up your a**, they’s stars, baby. And I might not be a star yet, but I’m getting there. So titles do matter and guess what Canyon Ceman? I’m doing my damnedest to make myself a star.”

Well, that’s pretty conclusive. Juice certainly doesn’t mince his words when it comes to the certainty of his future. Canyon Ceman (I really hope that’s pronounced like canyon’s-the-man because that would be awesome) is the Senior Director of Talent Development in WWE, so by directly mentioning him, it would seem the rumors are factual.

Yet, with his mind clearly made up, it’s looking like WWE might come up short with this one. You could say…they’ll run out of juice. Pun most definitely intended.


What do you think about Juice’s comments and do you think he can be a top-level star in the future? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or on the Discord server today.

6 years ago by Pete Quinnell


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