Juice Robinson Shoots On ‘Gullible Idiots’ Who Believed He Was Retiring

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Juice Robinson Shoots On ‘Gullible Idiots’ Who Believed He Was Retiring NJPW

In an interview last month, NJPW star Juice Robinson claimed his contract with New Japan would soon be expiring, and that he had no urge to wrestle anyone past this point.

Naturally, this led to a lot of people assuming he would be retiring from wrestling, but according to Robinson, everyone who believed him is a gullible idiot.

Speaking to NJPW, he said:

“Not that I owe anyone any explanation, but I was never going to retire. That was just me lying to a bunch of gullible idiots. People believe that if they read something on the internet it has to be true. So all I had to say is make sure it landed on the internet, and everybody believed it, hook line and sinker.”

Robinson attacked Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW Wrestling Dontaku on May 1, and subsequently joined the Bullet Club. When asked about joining and his relationship with Jay White, he said:

“Sometimes things line up at the right place at the right time. Did you ever think that BULLET CLUB needed Juice Robinson? I gave them a shot in the arm. They got rid of dead weight in that group so that somebody could step up. So this is a win-win relationship. I win and BULLET CLUB wins. I don’t think what happens behind the scenes is any of your business. As far as you’re concerned, as far as the fans are concerned, it’s purely business. I’m here to do a job, and I’m using BULLET CLUB to further my career. I’m in this for me, and BULLET CLUB respects that. Most people in that group are the same way, it just so happens that mentality helps BULLET CLUB.”

At the upcoming `Capital Collision show on May 14, Robinson will be challenging for the IWGP United States Championship in a four-way match also featuring Will Ospreay, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jon Moxley. Tanahashi is the current champion.

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