Jungle Boy Reveals How He Tricked Christian Cage

Jungle Boy Reveals How He Tricked Christian Cage AEW

Jungle Boy recently made his AEW return and re-aligned with Luchasaurus, shocking both fans and Christian Cage himself.

Jungle Boy recently shared his thoughts on former friend turned foe, Christian Cage, speaking to a very adorable interviewer on Steven’s Wrestling Journey.

Jungle Boy gave comments that were significantly more PG than his AEW Dynamite promos of late, describing his recent return .

Jungle Boy said:

“I spent a lot of time with Christian when we were friends, and I learned a lot about the way he thinks and works. That’s a guy who thinks he’s always one step ahead. I knew, as soon as he turned, I needed to be two steps ahead of him. I talked to Luchasaurus and discussed it and I knew Christian would be thinking, ‘this guy is going to come kill me.’ I said, ‘Here’s the thing, I know you can beat him up day one, but I need you to save that for me. Nobody is going to beat him up before I do.’ We came up with this plan, we tricked him, and we kept him right where we needed to have him until I got back. It worked out pretty well because people were surprised on the other side when it was revealed.”

Steven’s Wrestling Journey is a YouTube channel where the creator, Steven is a young boy with “an incurable brain condition,” who has fallen in love with wrestling and seeks to interview wrestlers from a variety of promotions.

Jungle Boy is currently 10-6-0 in All Elite Wrestling in 2022; you can view all of the AEW Men’s roster’s win/loss records by clicking here. 

Transcription via Fightful

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