Kayla Braxton Reveals Her Future With WWE’s The Bump

Kayla Braxton Reveals Her Future With WWE’s The Bump WWE

Kayla Braxton has revealed that her future with WWE may be “to be determined” at this time, find out what she had to say!

Since Kayla Braxton has relocated to Los Angeles, will WWE fans still be able to see her weekly on WWE’s talk show, The Bump?

Kayla herself has now spoken and revealed what is next for her in WWE in a new interview with Ryan Satin for his ‘Out of Character’ podcast.

Braxton saying:

“I’m not going to get into too many details about plans for that, but I do plan on staying on the show. It’s just, in what capacity?

“Again, being out here in LA, it’s a good way to expand ‘The Bump,’ you know? Matt Camp and Ryan Pappolla are holding the fort down in Stamford, Connecticut, each week and having me out here.

“We have WWE talent out here, who they’re happy because they wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Stamford, Connecticut on my show. It makes them like me a little bit more. But yeah, there’s going to be a lot of really cool additions and expansions to come. So, stay tuned.”

Kayla Braxton continues her duel on-air roles, often being spotted doing interview segments backstage for WWE SmackDown.

Recently she even tried her hand at commentating during the WrestleMania 39 kick-off show matches at SoFi stadium to celebrate tickets going on sale.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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