Kayla Braxton Transitioning To WWE Commentator Role?

Kayla Braxton Transitioning To WWE Commentator Role? WWE

Other than the wrestlers themselves, WWE has several on-screen personalities, whether that’s backstage interviewers or commentators.

In general, they tend to remain in their set roles, but there have been times, like with Renee Young, that an interviewer has taken a spot at the commentary desk.

More recently, Kevin Patrick, whose main role has been as a backstage interviewer, has been commentating on WWE Main Event, and now it looks like another interviewer may be making that same change.

Taking to Twitter, Kayla Braxton revealed changes are coming for her.

She would then commentate alongside Corey Graves on the WrestleMania Launch Party, leading fans to speculate she may be making a permanent move to the commentary desk.

After Beth Phoenix stepped down from her role as NXT commentator, WWE was left without a single female in a commentary role. Perhaps Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are keen for that to happen now they’re in charge.

However, it seems that Kayla is now denying she is becoming a commentator, as in a response to a fan telling her she did a great job, she said she would “leave it to the pros”.

Given that she said she can’t go into any details yet, there’s every chance she’s just denying it because she has to. It’s also equally likely that she isn’t lying. Wrestling can be annoying.

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