Keith Lee Responds To Criticism Of Saying ‘Poor WALTER’ After GUNTHER Name Change

3 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Keith Lee Responds To Criticism Of Saying ‘Poor WALTER’ After GUNTHER Name Change WWE

Keith Lee has now responded to criticism surrounding his ‘poor WALTER’ tweet following GUNTHER’s name change.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the recent events on Twitter, first of all, lucky you, but secondly, a portion of wrestling fans have been calling out Keith Lee for a tweet he made early last year.

On January 19, 2022, Lee tweeted:

Man….if what I’m hearing is real….

Poor Walter.

It appeared that Lee was criticising WWE’s decision to change WALTER’s name to GUNTHER, with the name change being announced on the January 18, 2022 edition of NXT TV.

The tweet has now resurfaced on Twitter, ahead of GUNTHER’s Intercontinental Title defence at WrestleMania 39.

Responses have ranged from some telling Lee that his comments have aged like milk, to others claiming that Lee was biased towards AEW, despite not being signed to AEW at the time of his tweet.

Lee has now stated that his previous comment had nothing to do with wrestling. Replying to a fan showing him support, Lee tweeted:

I’m not sure why this showed up on my timeline, but I appreciate you.

However, do not trouble yourself with a few dozen people with nothing better to do in life.

If it makes them feel good…. so be it. It tickles me because it has nothing to do with wrestling 😂

At WrestleMania 39, GUNTHER will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.

GUNTHER recently passed a major title milestone which you can read more about right here.

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