Keith Lee Responds To CM Punk Picking Him For The Royal Rumble

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Keith Lee Responds To CM Punk Picking Him For The Royal Rumble

On last night’s episode of WWE Backstage, all of the contributors were asked who they would be picking for the 2020 Royal Rumble matches, and CM Punk, always the fan’s ally, went for NXT star Keith Lee.

For the women’s Rumble, Punk picked Sasha Banks. Paige went for Otis and Kairi Sane, and Christian chose Brock Lesnar and Shayna Baszler.

It’s obviously a cover for Paige and Punk returning to win their respective rumbles.

Anyway, speaking about why he thinks that Keith Lee should win the match, Punk said:

“He had a tremendous showing at Survivor Series. He, to me, is a big fish in a little pond, right now. Not to say NXT is little by any means, but I think you need to follow up on with stuff like this. You gotta strike when the iron is hot. You see the little moment he had with Roman Reigns. That already feels like it was two years ago. We gotta get going with Keith Lee. I think he needs to chuck Brock over the top rope and win the whole thing.”

Ever the gentleman, Keith Lee has now responded to Punk’s praise on Twitter.

So basically Keith Lee will eliminate Punk and win the Royal Rumble. Interesting…

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