Kenny Omega Discusses How Wrestling Has Evolved To Become Less About Stories

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Kenny Omega Discusses How Wrestling Has Evolved To Become Less About Stories AEW

AEW star Kenny Omega has discussed how wrestling has evolved to become less about stories.

Omega is currently recovering from a litany of injuries after taking time off last November following the conclusion of a near-three-year storyline with Hangman Page.

Speaking on the CEO Gaming Twitch channel, the former AEW World Champion discussed his ability to tell stories despite his injuries.

He said:

“That is why I was confident doing everything throughout the Hangman story. That was a story about human lives. I feel as wrestling has progressed, it’s become less about those, a lot. If we just become physical vessels that are supposed to throw each other at the wall until everyone goes ‘kersplat’ and don’t get up again, that’s the kind of wrestling I can’t do anymore and when I have to know that it’s time to pack it in. We’re going there already and there are people trying to convince you that those are the best matches and five star matches. We have to be careful.”

Omega continued to explain how he feels the business is changing and evolving to be less about those stories, saying:

“It’s not to say it isn’t possible, I just feel, this entire generation is gearing towards that one side of things. Now that the athlete in wrestling is of a higher level and there’s less emphasis on character and physical presence, as difficult as it is to be that athletic daredevil in the ring, we have so many gifted and natural athletes that it actually is the easier route. Peak satisfaction, for a lot of fans, is when they do get those storylines and when those storylines pay off. Maybe some fans have forgotten about that, but I would like to have the chance to remind them when I come back while hopefully still being able to deliver in the ring,”

Kenny Omega also gave his candid thoughts on his current recovery from his injuries and potential return in this same interview.

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