Rumor Killer On WWE Name Leaving The Company

Rumor Killer On WWE Name Leaving The Company WWE

A rumor killer has emerged regarding a WWE name leaving the company.

Since Vince McMahon’s retirement in July, it has been speculated that Kevin Dunn, WWE Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, may leave the company.

The rumor was fuelled by reports that co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn do not get along, and that Dunn isn’t a “Triple H guy.”

When Paul Levesque took the creative reigns, and Stephanie McMahon joined Nick Khan as co-CEO, it was expected for a time that Kevin Dunn would be out the door.

So far, that hasn’t seemed to be the case.

And as per Fightful Select (subscription required), Kevin Dunn is still very much with WWE, even though he was not at WWE Survivor Series WarGames on November 26.

Further, there do not seem to be any plans to give Dunn the elbow in the foreseeable future.

Looks like they all managed to work out their differences, after all.

In an update, Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

In a story first reported by Ringside News, Kevin Dunn was not at Survivor Series due to being on vacation. While the idea of Dunn taking a vacation would feel to me to be a non-story, internally we were told it was a pretty big deal backstage at the show that Dunn would miss a PPV event.

The talk backstage, and we were told it was heavily talked about but one of those things where there was no evidence either way, is the idea of viewing War Games as a JCP/WCW concept and he’s been around like Vince in fighting that war and thus has a different viewpoint on it than Paul Levesque who grew up a fan of JCP. Brian Fadem ran the truck at the show

Since Triple H became the WWE Chief Content Officer in July, several names close to him have received important WWE roles, including ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James as SVP of Live Events, and Shawn Michaels becoming the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

A number of formerly released names have also been brought back under Triple H.

Recently, reports emerged that another former released star, Eric Young, could be returning. Read more on this story right here.

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