Hall Of Famer Labels WWE Star ‘Once In A Generation’

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Hall Of Famer Labels WWE Star ‘Once In A Generation’ WWE

While the finish to WrestleMania 39 night two may have marred the event for some fans, night one was met widely with universal acclaim.

Perhaps the entire weekend’s two show-stealers were the Undisputed Tag Title match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens against The Usos and the Smackdown Women’s Championship contest between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley.

While only one would receive Dave Meltzer’s five stars – that being the undisputed tag match, one WWE Hall of Famer would have particular praise for the Women’s title contest and new champion Rhea Ripley.

Speaking on his Kliq This Podcast, Kevin Nash would call the new champion a ‘f**king once in a generation worker’, following her and Charlotte’s performance.

Nash would speak particularly highly of Rhea’s offence and her ability to make it look especially hard-hitting.

“Her s**t looks (real). To me, offense is offense, but it’s the sell, and not to die.”

Nash would also speak on comparisons between Ripley and the ninth wonder of the world Chyna, stating that the ‘eradicator’ was even better than the former Intercontinental champion.

Nash said:

“She’s not Chyna. (Ripley is) much more talented.”

Despite singling out Rhea, Nash would also speak highly of both Zayn and Owens’ efforts, stating:

“We’ve put Sami over and put KO over on the show numerous times, as you know. They just connect.”

Nash would also recently address the backlash to Roman Reigns’ win over Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39 and had some interesting comments regarding Roman’s near 1000 day reign, which you read about here.

Transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc.

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