Kevin Nash Has High Praise For Triple H Raw Booking

Kevin Nash Has High Praise For Triple H Raw Booking WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has reached out to share high praise for Triple H’s WWE Raw booking since becoming Head of Creative.

While fans continue to praise the changes observed in WWE creative since Triple H has assumed responsibility, another vote of confidence comes from a fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

Taking to Twitter to shoot some praise in the direction of Triple H, Kevin Nash shared his thoughts on the recently reinvigorated product.

Nash wrote:

“RAW produces again. Drew/KO. Lashley/A.J and Theory/Ziggler P.P.V worthy matches. Little things where guys are holding onto the ropes on the apron keep the action going and intensity high. This HHH guy seems to have a incredible grasp on this WRESTLING GAME. Keep bringing it!”

Triple H’s creative reign continues to spell overall viewership success as well with WWE Raw’s overall viewership and target demographic numbers steady from last week.

This week’s edition of WWE Raw included Damian Priest revealing a stipulation for his match next week against Edge and another team advancing in the Women’s Tag Team Tournament.

Also featured was a fiery promo and subsequent match between Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens as well as Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles facing off for the first time one on one.

As Nash mentioned, Theory also took on veteran, Dolph Ziggler.

Theory currently has a win/loss record of 12-19-0.

You can view all of the win/loss records for the 2022 WWE men’s main roster by clicking here. 

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