WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Roman Reigns Has To Reach 1,000 Days As Champion

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WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Roman Reigns Has To Reach 1,000 Days As Champion WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer believes Roman Reigns has to reach 1,000 days as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The wrestling world has still been talking about Roman Reigns defeating Cody Rhodes to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.

With Cody’s quest to “finish the story” at Mania, many fans have felt WWE should have had the beloved babyface walk out with the gold.

As previously reported, Kevin Nash said he would turn Cody Rhodes heel following his heartbreaking loss at the Show of Shows.

Speaking on the newest episode of Kliq This, Nash further discussed the decision and claims to believe that Roman Reigns has to reach 1,000 days as champion since they are so close. Noting his belief that WWE has to get Reigns to that benchmark, the former WWE Champion said:

“That close to 1,000 [days], you have to do it. It’d be I’d like [Cal] Ripken had turf toe and would have fucking just taken a day off. There’s certain milestones, and right now, he’s too close to 1,000.”

“You’re only gonna be as successful as your fucking top guy, and Roman’s the top guy right now. Roman has the cool factor, Roman’s your money guy. They did it with me and Bret.”

“If I would have beaten Bret out of the shoot, I think absolutely Diesel has a much better fucking run.”

“But the fact that they wouldn’t commit and put the fucking eggs in the basket, I think that it hurt me, and I think that they weren’t ready to make that commitment. Things had went too well.”

After his co-host Sean Oliver wondered if Rhodes should beat Roman on his 999th day as champion, Nash responded:

“No because they never made 1,000 the benchmark. It’s just, to me, it’s so much easier for me to say, fuck, I’m the winningest champion of the 90s…”

“Just to be able to say I had the fucking strap for 1,000 days. If it’s 1,003, it’s still over 1,000 days, and it’s gonna be a long fucking time until somebody says that again.”

Cody Rhodes was attacked by Brock Lesnar on the Raw After WrestleMania 39 to set up The American Nightmare’s new feud heading into the next premium live event, WWE Backlash.

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