Kevin Nash Sets Condition For NWO Reunion

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

Kevin Nash Sets Condition For NWO Reunion WWE

There can be no doubt that the NWO had a major impact on wrestling that is still felt today, with fans eager for news of the group.

With the passing of founding member Scott Hall in March 2022, emotions are still naturally raw for those who knew him, and that includes his close friend Kevin Nash.

Speaking on the Kliq This podcast about the possibility of an NWO reunion, Nash said:

“I would do anything (so) that the spotlight was on Scott.”

There had, Nash confirmed, been attempts to do a tribute following Scott Hall’s death, with Nash explaining:

“They wanted to do something at WrestleMania and for me, it was just too soon.”

The strong bond shared between Nash and Hall has naturally led to strong emotion from Nash on loss and the desire to do the right thing for his lost friend.

Nash, however, isn’t closed to the idea of a tribute when the time and circumstances are right, concluding:

“Depending on what they would want to do moving forward. I don’t want to break down [crying] on TV. It’s not time yet, I know that. That’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to that.

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