Kevin Owens Reveals Ideal Tag Partner

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Kevin Owens Reveals Ideal Tag Partner

Kevin Owens has held multiple titles in WWE but has never gotten his hands on either the Raw or SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Speaking with WWE Kids Magazine, Kevin Owens reflected on his work with Sami Zayn and included another name to his ideal partner list, saying:

“I’d love to be tag team champion just to add that notch to my belt. If it was going to be with anybody, it should be with Sami Zayn, but I think Finn Bálor would be a great partner for me, too. Beyond that, I really don’t know who I could pick. It doesn’t feel like anybody else would necessarily feel right other than either of those two. I think we could tell some great stories.”

Kevin Owens has been featured on Raw alongside Seth Rollins for several weeks now, with the story of their burgeoning friendship of convenience catching on with fans.

Also known for his on-screen partnership and subsequent dramatic falling out with “best friend” Chris Jericho in 2017, Owens’ character isn’t well known for his ability to remain loyal to a partner so only time will tell how his partnership with Rollins may turn out on the road to WrestleMania.

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