Kevin Owens Reveals When He Learned Of Steve Austin WrestleMania 38 Plans

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Kevin Owens Reveals When He Learned Of Steve Austin WrestleMania 38 Plans WWE

Kevin Owens is set to go face-to-face with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on WrestleMania 38 Saturday this weekend as part of a ‘KO Show’ segment, which is reportedly set to main event the show.

Owens recently spoke about the segment with Patrick LaPrade of TVA Sports, where he went into detail about how he found out that he would be feuding with Austin.

He explained:

“Usually, in November, I start asking questions to try to find ideas and see if they have ideas, but this year, I took a different approach. I had just signed my contract, I had my history with Seth Rollins, so I thought to myself that I was in a good position.”

Owens carried on, revealing that Vince McMahon told him back in January that the plan was for him to interact with Austin in Dallas. He said:

“So, I started asking questions in January, and when I spoke to Vince, he was the one who told me that his plan was to bring Austin back for a night and that would be with me. I was super happy. When it’s not 100% announced, things can always change. But one week before the event, I fully realize it, and I can’t wait.”

Owens and Austin’s segment has been one of the key selling points of WrestleMania 38, with conflicting reports as to whether it or Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey will be the main event on the evening.

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