Kevin Owens SHOOTS on Ring of Honor Selling Out Madison Square Garden

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Kevin Owens SHOOTS on Ring of Honor Selling Out Madison Square Garden

Earlier this month Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Supercard successfully sold out Madison Square Garden. The April 6th event will mark the first time a wrestling company not owned by a McMahon has run a show at the spiritual home of the WWE.

In a pre-SummerSlam press circuit, former Ring of Honor World Champion Kevin Owens gave his views on ROH and NJPW selling out the Garden.

Madison Square Garden

G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden

In an interview with James Delow of Gorilla Position, Delow brought up Ring of Honor and New Japan selling out MSG, along with Progress putting on a show at Wembley and the success of All In. He asked Owens if he thought of these events as a threat to WWE.

“I absolutely don’t think it’s a threat […] I think healthy competition is great and I think WWE would agree. But WWE will always try to go out and be better than everybody else and I think that’s why they got to the point where they’re at, you know? They want to be bigger and they want to do things other companies can’t and they’re never gonna change that way.”

Kevin Owens went on to say that ROH and NJPW’s success in selling out MSG was

“I think it would be silly to look at these companies thriving and not feel like WWE is a big part of them thriving as well… Even Ring of Honor, selling out Madison Square Garden, is fantastic, it’s unbelievable, but they’re selling it out on WrestleMania weekend.

I feel people should still be grateful to WWE and I know some people think that’s not the cool thing to admit, that WWE might not be this giant thing trying to hurt the indies.”

Owens may feel that WWE is partially responsible for the G1 Supercard’s success, but he went on to say that he hoped Ring of Honor would sell out Madison Square Garden when WWE weren’t in New York.

“I hope that one day Ring of Honor can sell out Madison Square Garden when WWE‘s not in town. And everything points to that happening eventually and that’s amazing.

The former Kevin Steen went on to praise Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks for All In.

“Look at All In. All In was Cody and the Young Bucks idea and they took it and they ran with it, and they made it into something huge.

Like, in my opinion, All In is almost more impressive than Ring of Honor selling out Madison Square Garden, because they did it on their own and there’s not a giant wrestling extravaganza happening on the same weekend in the same town. Those people are going for All In and that’s awesome.”

Above is the full interview, in which KO talked about Sami Zayn’s health (as well as his cat sitting ability) and revealed what went through his head when he was standing on top of a cage with Braun Strowman.

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