Killer Kross Pitched To Bring Back The Corporate Ministry

8 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Killer Kross Pitched To Bring Back The Corporate Ministry WWE

Killer Kross (Karrion Kross) was released from WWE back in November 2021 following just 5 months on WWE’s main roster.

Despite only being on the roster for a few months, Kross had gone through many different phases in that time. He started out as the NXT Champion, but without any of the stuff that made him interesting. He then wore a cheap looking helmet and suspenders to the ring, and I think he had a backstage promo in a black suit one week, and never again.

However, Kross himself actually pitched to bring back the Corporate Ministry of all stables prior to being let go by the company.

Speaking with NBC Sports Boston, Kross detailed his unique take on the faction, taking an approach leaning more towards modern conspiracy theories than just a simple nostalgic rehash.

He said:

“I had ideas about bringing back The Corporate Ministry. That was one of my final ideas that I had. I had a series of writers on board for that who thought it was a very good idea. I thought pitching those ideas would be cool because there’s some nostalgia to it. You know, with all these crazy conspiracy theories that are always going around about esoteric businesses and stuff like that, and cults, and evil companies and stuff like that, I thought there would be a tasteful way to fictionalize that type of stuff and put it back on TV with a nostalgic twist.”

Kross has been making the rounds on the Independents since his release, with him set to take on Davey Boy Smith Jr at the Ric Flair’s Last Match event over SummerSlam weekend.

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