WWE Star Drops Cryptic Tease Amid White Rabbit Speculation (VIDEO)

WWE Star Drops Cryptic Tease Amid White Rabbit Speculation (VIDEO) WWE

One of the most frequently noted named associated with the White Rabbit mystery has just taken to Twitter to post a very cryptic message and video.

Hopping on the social media app, Karrion Kross shared the following message:

“The world is so sure of what
it thinks it is, of what has happened and what will eventually come to be…


“What a dangerous weapon.

“Enjoy the new p r o g r a m .”

Along with the Tweet, a link to a video that you can check out for yourself below!

What does it all mean? Is Karrion Kross related to the copious clues recently dropped in relationship to the rest of the White Rabbit mystery?

While there is not indication it is any official WWE production, as it comes from Kross’ personal YouTube channel, there are more creepy clues in the YT caption which reads:

“What you choose to feed with thought or attention may not be just within yourself.
“Eventually the things we pay attention to can manifest physically beyond just initially being something safe from afar.

“Welcome to the next beginning.”

It has been largely rumored that by the close of the show on WWE’s next premium live event, we’ll have some kind of answers.

You can check out all the details about Extreme Rules 2022 by clicking here. 

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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