Kofi Kingston Admits New Day ‘Fantasise’ About Turning Heel

Kofi Kingston Admits New Day ‘Fantasise’ About Turning Heel

Back in 2015, the New Day trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods turned heel, and it led to the trio’s rise to stardom. Since turning back to the good side in 2016, New Day have been fan favourites ever since.

Former WWE Champion and New Day member Kofi Kingston recently gave an interview with Metro UK, where he admitted that the group often ‘fantasise’ about turning heel, as it was the most fun Kingston had during his WWE career.

Kofi said:

“To be honest, we fantasise about it all the time. I tell people that I had the most fun in my career when I was yelling at children, and threatening to ground children, and threatening children. I used to love just going out there and antagonising children. They will always remember that moment of when, ‘I cheered for this guy against The New Day, he threatened to ground me but my guy beat him’. I love that dynamic, it’s so much fun and we think about it all the time, but these people won’t stop cheering for us. These people like their pancakes and their Booty-Os too much.”

Kingston continued, saying that the trio have never pitched the change to Vince McMahon as their babyface run is working too well. Kofi explained:

“It’s not a realistic pitch, because usually if you go to pitch something, what you’re doing usually shouldn’t be working. Ours is working a little bit too well. You have to be able to provide the evidence, you have to be able to make your case. ‘OK, why do you wanna change what’s working so well for me and making me so much money?’ ‘Oh, we just wanna yell at kids, Vince!'”

The change may have been instumental in the New Day’s career back in 2015, as they recently were named the greatest tag team of all time by WWE.

Kofi will challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at tonight’s (July 18) Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

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