Kofi Kingston Says He Finds Out His Raw Plans Through Social Media

11 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Kofi Kingston Says He Finds Out His Raw Plans Through Social Media

WWE star Kofi Kingston has revealed that he often finds out what he’s doing on Raw through announcements on social media.

On Monday’s (September 13) show, Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Bobby Lashley to become WWE Champion. Speaking on 106 KMEL, Kingston admitted that he didn’t know Big E was going to be on Raw until he saw his friend’s tweet declaring his intent to use his briefcase.

Noting that he is often left in the dark if he doesn’t check social media, Kingston said:

“Usually, as performers, we are the last one’s to find things out. This week and last week, I found out on Twitter what I was doing on Raw. It was announced I would be in an eight-man tag team match and I was like, ‘Oh, good to know. I gotta prepare.’ Same thing last week when we had the tag team turmoil, I had no idea until I looked on social media and I saw it.

“If I didn’t look on social media, I wouldn’t have known until I got to the building. Oftentimes, we have no idea what the show is going to entail or what we’re supposed to be doing. Even sometimes when we do know, it always changes.

“That’s the bittersweet part of being a WWE superstar. If you’re somebody who needs to know exactly what is happening, when it’s happening, and step for step, you’re going to be real upset working here because everything changes. I think it’s a good thing, keeps everyone on their toes.”

Kingston and Xavier Woods ran down to the ring to celebrate with Big E as soon as he was declared the new WWE Champion. PWInsider confirmed that Big E has joined the Raw roster full-time, reuniting The New Day

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